This example shows how to iterate through all the metadata in a file.



First we'll need a path for our file. We then create a File object and assign the path to the object.

thePath = Server.MapPath("images/boat.jpg")
Set theFile = Server.CreateObject("MetaFiler2.File")



Next we go through every metadata type listed for the file and open each one so that we can return the data to the web page.

For Each theType In theFile.Types
  Set theData = theFile.Open(theType)
  theText = Server.HTMLEncode(theData.Text)

  Response.Write "Type = " & theType & "<br>"
  Response.Write "Text = " & theText & "<br><br>"


This is an example of the kind of output you might expect.

Type = title
Text = Boat & Buoy

Type = caption
Text = Buoy maintenance in the Indian Ocean